Fresh Women's Cocoa Body Exfoliant
Fresh Women's Cocoa Body Exfoliant

Fresh Women's Cocoa Body Exfoliant

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Fresh Cocoa Body Exfoliant is a euphoric experience for the skin and the senses. The cocoa bean has been revered for centuries, as cocoa butter is known for its nourishing properties, and cocoa extract is said to have a pleasure-inducing effect. The seductive scent, luxurious, velvety texture, and skin-softening results will satisfy any craving for a beautiful body. 
  • Crushed cocoa and coconut shells are naturally-sourced exfoliants that help to gently buff away dry, dull skin.
  • Cocoa butter helps nourish and provide suppleness.  
  • Cocoa extract is rich in protective flavonoids.
  • Coconut oil is known for its softening and nourishing properties.

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