Fresh Signature Hand-Milled Oval Soap Bar. Neiman Marcus.

Fresh Signature Hand-Milled Oval Soap Bar

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In 1991, it proved impossible for the FRESH creators, Lev and Alina, to find a soap that met their own criteria. Intrigued by this void, they began experimenting. In creating their original soaps, they realized they were presenting not only a formula but a philosophy. Designed to impart happiness that could be accessed with ease, Original Soaps redefined how people perceived and experienced both luxury and results.

All soaps are hard-milled, nourishing formula of vegetable glycerin and shea butter. Hand-wrapped in cotton inlaid paper, tied neatly with a wire, and accented with a semiprecious stone.

Because the bar is milled twice, there are no air pockets. This makes the soap dense, luxurious, and long-lasting.

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