Binu Binu Bar Soap
Binu Binu

Binu Binu Bar Soap

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Drawing inspiration from Korean public bath houses and the intergenerational bonding they provide, Binu Binu creates modern, fragrance-free products that celebrate the restorative value of simple, daily care rituals. Handcrafted in Canada using only plant botanicals and essential oils, each soap, cleanser and scrub is produced in small batches using a cold-process method, allowing each natural oil to retain its skin-benefiting qualities.

This signature bar was hand-cut to bring a sculptural element to your cleansing routine.

Celadon Tea Ceremony: antioxidant-rich tea-based for calming and cleansing

Seshin Korean Scrub: exfoliating black sesame and washed blue clay inspired by Korean seshin scrub

Ae Gi Super Mild: soothing rice milk and softening shea butter for sensitive skin

Haenyeo Sea Woman: invigorating sea salt cleanses and rejuvenates after a long day

Shaman Black Charcoal: detoxifying activated charcoal purifies skin

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